Muscle Shoals Recording Artist

Lance Dubroc released his latest album, Sunny Days, in Spring 2020 after signing with Muscle Shoals Recordings in earlier that year. Check out the full album here or stream the first single off the album, "I Don't Want to Lose You, Anna" here.


Lance brings music to life with an R&B spirit that channels his South Louisiana roots. Born and raised in the Creole and Cajun cradle of St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, Lance possesses a dynamic voice that is part rock, part gospel with just a touch of country sprinkled in for texture. This musical mix makes for an emotionally memorable experience that resonates with fans across genres.

Lance tours nationally, including as a participant and featured artist in over a dozen songwriter festivals each year across the southern United States. He is an active member of the venerable Last Honky Tonk Music Series, recognized by The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation and contributes his talents to various charitable organizations, including the South Louisiana-based Love of People and Vet Church. As a U.S. Navy veteran, supporting veterans is important to Lance.


"When Lance approaches writing a song, and especially when he sings, the performance is going to drip with soul because he always delivers from the heart. He's one of the few artists today  who can give the listener the authenticity they crave because he comes from such deep roots."

- Eric Adcock, three-time Grammy-nominated pianist, songwriter and producer


"Great soulful singers aren't taught, they are born that way. Lance is the real deal. I love his voice and delivery. The songs he writes are crafted to perfection. A true artist."

- Ed Hill, Grammy-nominated BMI Songwriter of the Year


"Lance Dubroc is one of the most talented, powerful and passionate musicians I have ever had the pleasure of working with. From the moment he opens his mouth it is obvious the long history and influence he has with notable legends that fills the room and my soul with each performance!"

- John Williams, Love of People President and Founder of Blue Monday Mission 

“Lance’s latest recordings are indelible roots recordings that seamlessly blend country, R&B, pop, and soul.”

- Johnathan Berstein, Research Editor at Rolling Stone


“Carrying on in the tradition of Gulf Coast Blue-Eyed Soul singer/songwriters like Bobby Charles and Jimmy Donley, Lance Dubroc is the real deal. In his latest album Sunny Days, Dubroc brings his South Louisiana roots to Muscle Shoals to create a unique sound that represents the best of both worlds.”

- Red Kelly,